Stainless steel tanks for the and biogas sector

Our proposals

Numerous particular models of stainless steel tanks for all companies operating in the industry and biogas sector, which therefore need to work in classic or more innovative industrial contexts by treating biomass and biogas. Based on your specific needs, here are the tanks dedicated to this.

Water treatment and purification

Tanks, reservoirs, and systems for the treatment and purification of industrial wastewater. Customized and tailor-made projects.

Filtering and decanting systems

Separation, classic filtration, gravel filtration, carbon filtration, decantation and many other processes are the goal of these tanks.

Chimneys for simple and compound fumes

Multiple models and types. These are systems present in a simple or complex industrial plant, biomass or biogas that needs to discharge clean fumes into the environment.

Heat exchanger systems

Thermal energy can be exchanged by means of pipes or plates. The thermoregulation of the process has never been so immediate and fast.

Our achievements

Here are some of the latest works by La Solida for companies in the industry and biogas sector. Here are collected images of tanks and cisterns designed and built specifically for the storage and processing of industrial products, biomass and biogas.