The high quality craftsmanship Made in Italy

The work process

Most of La Solida's products are designed and built to measure, completely customized according to the customer's needs.
It is therefore very important to listen to all requests, analyze the situation in detail and propose the most comfortable, convenient and adequate solution to respond to those needs. Here's how we work:

step 1
Meeting with the client
We are very keen to meet the customer personally to let us explain, in the most detailed way possible, what the needs and requests are.

Analyzing the context, the final goal and the customer's expectations is essential to build a product that is truly useful and advantageous as well as adhering to actual needs.
step 2
The inspection and measurements
Being structures of important dimensions, which once installed do not need to be moved, it is essential to carry out an inspection at the customer's premises and check all the environmental conditions in which these tanks will then be inserted.

Therefore measurements and verification of compatibility with the treated products are just some of the routine operations carried out by our technician.
step 3
The design of the artifact
The project starts right here, from the 3D drawing of the latest technology of the product, with the expected characteristics (any options and accessories included) and the correct measurements, obviously in scale.

In this way, you will be able to see the final product in three dimensions.
step 4
Production in the laboratory
Once the 3D design is approved, we move on to the practical part, to the actual realization of the product, all within our laboratory.

We want to give the customer a product of the highest quality, robust, functional, easy to sterilize and clean, as well as pleasant and well-finished in aesthetics.
step 5
The final installation
We take care of the transport and installation of the product at the customer, in order to take care of even this very delicate final phase.

The positioning and correct assembly of accessories, which can only be done on site, also contribute to the resistance and tightness of the products.