Stainless steel tanks for the oil sector

Our proposals

Numerous particular models of stainless steel tanks for all companies operating in the oil sector, which therefore need to store and transport oil and related products. Based on your specific needs, here are the tanks dedicated to this.

Vertical storage tanks

The best-selling model, a classic for anyone who wants to store any type of liquid.

Horizontal and transport tanks

With combinations that also allow transport on vehicles in a simple and completely risk-free way.

Vertical and rounded corner tanks

Another symbol of functionality, suitable for the early stages of oil processing.

Palletized movable tanks

Retention has never been so flexible. Extremely easy to handle.

Oil drums

Drum for the safe storage and transport of oil, made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Our achievements

Here are some of the latest works by La Solida for companies in the oil sector. Here are collected images of tanks and cisterns designed and built specifically for storing or processing oil.