Stainless steel tanks for the chemical sector

Our proposals

Different models and particular types of stainless steel tanks for all companies operating in the chemical sector, which therefore need to store, mix and transport chemicals. According to specific needs, here are the tanks dedicated to this.

Vertical storage tanks

Circular tank with top, conical bottom or inclined plane depending on the need. The most classic and recognizable model, with and without thermo adjustment pocket. Ideal for storage, insulation, treatment of chemicals with various characteristics. Great versatility, excellent ease of washing, sanitization and sterilization. Different materials and construction technologies depending on the chemical characteristics of the product and production objectives. Prepared with all accessories for loading and unloading.

Horizontal and transport tanks

A classic with a unique technical recognition. Indicated for storage and treatment. Also available for underground or transport.

Mixing or scraping tanks

Considered a real symbol linked to the processing of chemical products. Indispensable for articulated production processes, from the simplest to the most complex requiring unique peculiarities. Specific mixing, calculated according to the production goal to be achieved by combining the possibility of having a controlled temperature. Technically produced also with double or triple chamber for greater safety, in full compliance with current regulations. Supplied with all connections necessary for correct operation.

Vertical rounded corner tanks

Another symbol of functionality, suitable for the early stages of oil processing.

Palletized movable tanks

Retention has never been so flexible. Extremely easy to handle.

Tanks with thermo regulation

Highly efficient temperature control systems.

Our achievements

Here are some of the latest works by La Solida for companies in the chemical sector.
Here are collected images of tanks and cisterns designed and built specifically for the use of chemicals, whether solid or liquid.