Over 30 years of experience

Our history

La Solida was born after the Second World War as a simple family-run company that mainly deals with the construction of reinforced concrete tanks.
With the subsequent evolution of technologies and thanks to the desire to always keep up with the times, in 1984 it broadened its horizons and introduced a new processing material, first choice stainless steel, AISI 304 and 316L.
This leap in quality has led the company to grow more and more becoming the reality of today, a national reference point for products in the oenology and oil sector, also embracing pharmaceuticals and chemicals, up to the renewable energy industry (biogas) and foundries.
For the quality of workmanship, La Solida is a safe investment able to provide you with any kind of request, providing you with all the experience and professionalism acquired over time.

Our philosophy

Our strength is the desire for improvement.
We have a thirty-year history behind us thanks to all those customers who choose us every day and recognize quality, resistance and perfection in our creations. This is not a goal, but only a starting point to work ever better.

The goal of La Solida is to realize and fully satisfy the Customer's needs, advising and supporting him in every phase of product development, from design to implementation.
Past, present and future, these are the references on which the foundations of this company rests. In our laboratory we create original and innovative engineering works, with the attention to detail typical of the Made in Italy craftsmanship so famous in the world, while maintaining competitive prices and quality levels only with large industries.


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